Hightail Hair



There are so many things we love about the open road, but tangled helmet hair isn’t one of them. Hightail was created because our founder Jen believed a solution was long overdue, and that we shouldn’t have to choose between the freedom of our bike and painfully tangled hair. Two years of product development later, and the Hightail Bike Hair Protector was ready to roll. 


Originally from the US, Jen fell in love with motorcycling while living in Japan, where she bought her first bike. Brought together by their passion for riding, Jen and her partner Jon have been exploring the world on two wheels ever since. Working as a team, they designed Hightail, a product designed specifically for riders with long hair.

“After a beautiful ride on vacation, I went to get ready for dinner and discovered my bun had fallen out, and in its place were thousands of tiny tangles. After brushing and brushing, my frustration and hunger rising and rising, I had no choice but to jump in the cold shower to fix my hair. Jon navigated the ‘hairy’ situation well, but neither of us wanted to ever repeat it. Within months we had made our first, hand-sewn prototype, and our Hightail adventure was underway.”

– Jen, Hightail Co-Founder